7+ Free WordPress Coupon and Deal Themes + Cashback Plugins

For any e-commerce website, keeping its coupons and offers widespread is the key to a successful venture. However, doing that over the internet means utilizing the apt digital resources for the job. If you have a WordPress website, a whole library of themes can suit your coupons and deals needs.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn about the free coupon and deals theme for WordPress. These are the ones that have a modular design and work with almost any digital device. You can use them to create coupons for specific product categories and share them through other means like emails and social media.

Some of the themes in this list focus on particular coupon formats. From incorporating affiliate marketing to uniquely customizable CTA buttons, you can choose the best one that suits your needs. There are also the ones with robust customer support, mobile-friendly UI, intuitive interfaces, and compatibility with older versions of WordPress.

You’ll also know about the WooCommerce cashback plugin to maximize customer retention. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce transaction tool found on popular websites worldwide. With the plugins on the list, you can provide your customers with relevant cashback offers and set up automated discounts for all your products.

Let’s dive in and see what the best coupon themes and plugins for WordPress have to offer.

Top 5 Free WordPress Coupon and Deal Themes

When entering the term “best free WordPress coupons theme” in the search bar, you’ll be bombarded with thousands of links to free themes for WordPress. Many of them often come about for nefarious purposes.

However, you don’t need to go through all that pain. You can find the top five best free WordPress coupon themes below:

1. WP Coupon Mate


The WP Coupon Mate is a free WordPress theme for coupon websites that requires both form and function. While a premium version is available, the non-paid mode can fetch you several benefits to make your campaign successful.

Developed by CouponThemes, it earns high points due to its modular and responsive design. Once you set up the relevant coupons, the same layout works for all digital devices without the need for scaling. There are dedicated product categories to make it easier to create specific coupons and deals. Integrating the WordPress cashback plugin of your choice is not much trouble, either.

The theme is SEO-friendly, so you don’t need to modify your website assets for load times. With the premium version, you get 1 full year of free updates, 24/7 priority customer support, and unlimited monthly coupons. It is verified safe to use by Norton, and you get a 15-day money-back guarantee should it not perform to your expectations.

  • Adapts to any device type or screen size
  • Provides intuitive coupons listing page for seamlessly generating new coupons
  • Attractive listing pages with a high degree of customization
  • Convenient coupon management
  • The Premium version offers priority customer support and free updates
  • The affiliate marketing system with the coupons feels lackluster
  • The free version does not have unlimited coupons
  • Some assets on the free version have copyrights.

2. VW Coupon Pro 


A fresh and modern theme for bright and colorful e-commerce sites. The VW (Not Volkswagen!) Coupon Pro works for even the early versions of WordPress. You can modify the settings without any coding, an excellent advantage for those looking to get a free WP coupon theme.

Thanks to its modular design, it displays the coupons and discounts on the main page, which the customers can use to browse directly toward the product page. The only downside is that you don’t get all of the features for free. You may want to switch to premium if you wish to access all design templates, seamless customer support, and free updates.

With VW Coupon Pro, you can translate your web pages to any language, which ensures that non-English speaking customers can browse through your page listings without any issues.

  • Neat, SEO-optimized layout that highlights the best deals and coupons
  • Supports most third-party plugins for WooCommerce
  • Effortless linking to social media accounts
  • The Premium version adds several customization options like unlimited slides and customer CSS/JS support
  • Very few themes with the free version
  • Limited digital marketing capabilities
  • Not compatible with older versions of WordPress

3. TPG Pickme 


The Pickme free WP deals theme from TPG is a highly secure and customizable coupon theme that supports multiple WordPress plugins for free. As most e-commerce websites use WooCommerce, Pickme plans its updates according to the latest features. It even allows your customers to create wishlists and reminders for cart items.

Pickme uses the Elementor Page Builder that allows you to build your online store from the ground up quickly. All you need is to select the required template and drag the elements in. No coding or asset export is required. The tool also features an intelligent slider that assists with intuitively displaying all the current offers. The best part is the Admin panel that allows you to modify any elements on the home or product page quickly.

In addition to all that, you get the necessary attachments for affiliate marketing. They help drive your sales up when customers share your coupons online. You can track which ones converted to sales, allowing you to reward the people responsible adequately.

  • Easy to build and modify an e-commerce site
  • Elegant design templates with responsive layouts
  • Provides wishlist and cart reminders for visitors
  • Allows for effective affiliate marketing campaigns
  • The free version limits the use to one domain
  • Custom slider feature only available with premium versions
  • The extent of live support tied to the subscription cost

4. Coupons Deals


Do you require a free coupon theme that is clean and modular without involving any HTML code? Coupons Deals is the right choice for you. The theme is compatible with all versions of WordPress released in the past six years.

The layout of the theme adapts to any digital device. You can even access the dashboard on your phone and modify any settings. Security isn’t left out, either. There are separate sections for Admin, Teams, and Testimonials. Each one has dedicated roles and access privileges.

Coupons Deals steals the show with its extent of customization. You can customize anything within the theme, from the color of tabs to the Call-To-Action (CTA) button, all without using any coding. The code that does exist on the backend is optimized for the best SEO for any e-commerce website.

  • A free theme with SEO-optimized HTML code
  • High level of security
  • Almost anything on the page is customizable
  • The lean design makes it less hardware-heavy than most other themes
  • Only compatible with PHP 7.2 or later versions
  • Developer support is not available 24/7
  • Not many templates to choose from

5. Affiliate Review


This theme is all about spreading the word about the deals and offers regarding your products. Affiliate review lets you get ahead of the competition by including social media and sharing tools to facilitate affiliate marketing. You can incentivize your audience with discounts and offers if they share content from your website, including coupons.

The theme has an eye-catchy design that works for any sponsored content should you choose to involve influencers. You can facilitate any visitors to your website with several interactive elements and translation-ready options. The way Affiliate Review is coded, you can remain calm that all your website data, including logins and transaction details, remain secure.

  • Effective affiliate marketing features
  • Secure code that restricts access to sensitive data
  • Allows for an apples-to-apples comparison with competitor e-commerce sites
  • Fast loading times – suitable for customers with weak internet
  • Fewer templates than most other themes
  • The limited scope of customization
  • Only compatible with PHP 7.2 or later versions

The Best Cashback Plugin for WordPress

In today’s day and age, analyzing the optimum cashback for each customer manually proves quite challenging. That is where the cashback plugins for WordPress come in. These can track the bulk of transactions from your website in real time.

Unfortunately, there are so many plugins that it becomes tedious to examine each one. To make things easier, here are the best free coupon plugins for WooCommerce:

1. WP Coupons and Deals


This plugin is all about simplicity and convenience. If you’re thinking, “What is the best plugin for importing coupons?” this is the one for you. WP Coupons and Deals come in two types – free and premium. The free variant gets you valuable tools like a live preview of coupons, sharing buttons for social media, and dedicated widget areas.

An iconic feature is the voting system for individual coupons. It lets you plan your future deals and offers through your customer’s opinions. This way, you know which product stocks bring in maximum profits.

If you upgrade to the premium plugin, you can hide the coupons that are not relevant anymore. It also enables you to display a countdown for specific coupons. The timer builds some FOMO in your audience, boosting sales faster than regular coupons.

  • Ease of installation and customization
  • Offers live preview of coupons
  • Convenient sharing of links through social media
  • Features a voting system for the coupons in high demand
  • Displays specific vendors and categories of coupons
  • Has an in-built coupon countdown timer
  • Has a history of numerous bugs, although the developers were quick to patch them out
  • Countdown timer limited to the premium version
  • Limited automation capabilities

2. Discount Rules for WooCommerce


For websites that have an extensive collection of products on sale, Discount Rules is the perfect free coupon plugin for WooCommerce. It helps you manage discounts for particular product categories and automatically applies the variation wherever applicable.

For example, suppose you have set a discount of 30% for T-shirts in the “Men’s” section. The plugin will automatically recommend a similar offer for the T-shirts in the “Women’s” section.

The plugin can even create dynamic pricing and discounts for stores using WooCommerce. It crafts a unique buying experience for every visitor to the website. The plugin handles most of the offers planning for you, from BOGO offers to check-out deals. You can even create offers related to the customer’s role, purchase history, and shipping locations.

  • Creates dynamic pricing and automatic deals for several products simultaneously
  • Provides discounts based on user behavior
  • Highly secure transaction protocols
  • Offers customization of customer roles
  • Limited application of referrals and affiliate marketing
  • Most features available with the Pro version
  • The scope of discounts and offers can get overwhelming

3. WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin


The WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin is the only one built with an affiliate program in mind. With it, you can create an affiliate network that can generate referrals for all your products while giving out commissions. The plugin creates a transparent system to track every transaction and provides all your affiliates with relevant statistics.

You need only create the coupons. The plugin creates the appropriate referral URLs for your affiliates to share. Once you launch a campaign, you can set commissions as fixed, per order, or per product. WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin supports most currencies around the world. So, you’ll never have to bother with exchange rates if your business caters to international customers.

  • The only free plugin to run coupon-based affiliate marketing programs
  • Allows for easy migration from other plugins
  • Has a friendly developer support system accessible 24/7
  • Exercises transparency with the affiliates through appropriate paperwork and statistics
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • It doesn’t support other marketing software like Mailchimp and Sandbox
  • No performance bonuses during payouts to affiliates
  • It doesn’t allow a single user to utilize multiple coupon codes


And that’s all it takes to run a mega sale on the stock available on your e-commerce website. Don’t be afraid if it takes some time to get used to. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to conduct marketing campaigns from the data you obtain from each transaction.

The correct theme and plugins can immensely improve your business’s web presence. Still, it does require some number crunching on your end before you determine viable discounts and offers for your products.

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